Email Templates

email templates

Whether you are just getting started offering SEO services or have been doing so for years, communicating about SEO with your customers can be challenging. What if your customer asks a question about SEO and you don’t know the answer? How often will you email your customer with SEO results? What will you say? How will you respond when a prospect says “SEO is too expensive”?

The list goes on and these concerns are valid. You probably felt them before when you started your digital agency and built your first website for a customer.

We’ve compiled 45 email templates from our 10+ years of running a successful SEO agency. And we are sharing them with you.

The templates will help you:

  • Save time trying to figure out what to say and when to say it
  • Feel more confident in your SEO service offering
  • Stand out from the competition by communicating about a hard subject (SEO) in simple terms that your prospects and clients will understand and value