SEO Proposal Templates

seo proposal template

You are ready to sell SEO services! Leverage our proposal templates to get a jump start at creating your own. 

Our proposal templates for SEO services take a three-phased approach:


  • Where is the prospect today? What is the biggest problem/pain they face? This confirms that you understand and can empathize with past and current SEO struggles. Also, businesses are motivated to make changes (hire a new SEO partner) when they are trying to move away from a pain point. 
  • What does it look like when the business experiences success? This is the business’s own vision. You are just repeating it in the proposal. Success is greater than rankings, traffic, and even sales. It’s the destination. For example, perhaps it’s being able to hire a manager or launch a new division within the company.


  • How do you approach SEO? Here’s your chance to use easy to understand language to help demystify SEO. This shows that you have a sound strategy and just as important can communicate effectively. Described your holistic SEO strategy utilizing the 4 pillars of SEO framework.
  • Why are you suggesting a monthly service? Clarify why SEO is an ongoing, monthly marketing initiative. In short, it’s because the search engines evolve and so too do businesses.
  • What is included? Note that your SEO services include three components: communication, reporting, and action items. It’s this steady approach to ongoing SEO that continually grows traffic and leads. 


  • What are the immediate action items? Outline what you will do in the first phase of service. Note how this becomes dynamic over time as you respond to results, changes in the search engines, and the business’s own climate. 

Note, that your proposal should not include any new information. Instead, it serves to document the initial discovery conversation.


Here are two sample templates. You can click on these links to make a Google Doc copy of the documents that you can then customize for your own agency.

Monthly SEO Services — This proposal is for a steady approach to SEO where you will complete the SEO Checklist incrementally as part of the monthly scope of work.

Set-Up + Monthly — This proposal is for projects where you want to jumpstart the results by moving through the SEO Checklist in the first month of work and then move to a monthly approach for ongoing SEO.